Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder

Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder
Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder

Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder

If you are reading this... Perhaps you already know what so many professional musicians appreciate.... That Ed Foley builds some of the greatest guitars on the planet.... Guitars used and played by professionals... Players who earn their living by playing...

And they love Ed's instruments to create their sounds! Whether musicians on stage playing in front of you... Or session musicians in the studio in Nashville...



Has been hand-crafting guitars since 1988. Please review his Client List & Testimonials. The list of world-class players speaks volumes. In that Ed only hand-crafts less than 10 guitars per year a great majority of them are built to order... Specific guitars for special people.

Foley Guitars are truly handmade. Using only the very best tone woods, Quarter Sawn Brazilian Rosewood, shimmering 3-dimensional Koa and stunning Tiger Maple, Ed matching these tone woods to fine grained spruce tops. Bracing is hand-carved to compliment each individual top.

The finish is hand-rubbed and supremely thin. Ed uses a special bracing pattern based on legendary pre-war Martins that over time, he has implemented modifications to. Ed likes Brazilian rosewood that produces volume and is visually appealing, but its harvest is regulated.

Ed says, It's hard to get. The tree has to die and be air-lifted up. While Mahogany gives a warm sound for studio work, bird's eye maple gives a bright sound and a wide grain means bigger bass.

Hawaiian Koa is a cross between mahogany and rosewood. For tops he uses Engleman spruce for finger-pickers and bluegrass players, and Appalachian red spruce for those who want greater volume. THIS Foley has Appalachian Red Spruce also known as Adirondack Spruce. Tops must pass the tap test they must ring for at least five seconds. All wood is quarter-sawn cut from the log like a piece of pie for greater strength and a straight, tight grain.

The stock is book-matched, meaning, a log is sliced and opened up like a book a mirror image, side-to-side on his two-piece backs. For the trim, Ed inlays handpicked slivers of abalone into a channel between the binding, then sands and lacquers it. There's no difference between the feel of the trim and wood just one smooth river of sound.

Ed's quest to make a comfortable guitar with exceptional sound encouraged feedback from musicians, resulting in more bass, treble, resonance and a stronger midrange. He'll customize anything, even size and shape. For improved sustain & stability, Ed utilizes graphite reinforced necks contoured to fit your hand. Frets are work-tempered for longer life. While old-style traditional frets are available, Ed likes to use Extra-tall frets for playability and tone as his standard installed fret. Again, Please go to Ed Foley's website! Review his Client List & Testimonials page. You will find testimonials from Devon Allman, Jason Roberts with Asleep at the Wheel, Stefan Grossman, Bill Monroe Father of Bluegrass, George Strait, Jake Cauley, Joe Diffie, Wanda Vick , Charlie Daniels, John Pearse (yes- Pearse Strings) , Cindy Sinclair, Eddy Raven.... The list goes on & on & on... There's FOUR pages of them! George Strait and band, Larry DeBarry of Blood, Sweat and Tears, Aspen Pittman (owner Groove Tubes), Joe Diffie and band, Kyle Lehning pres. Asylum Records, Wanda Vick, Billy Joe Walker Jr. John Pearse (Pearse strings) all own Foley Guitars. Ed makes guitars for music professionals in the recording and entertainment industry. These are musicians, players & entertainers who know what they want in a guitar... A little eye-candy doesn't hurt either! Foley players include National guitar playing champions, multi-platinum recording stars, and many many many other professionals who absolutely desire and must have the very best sounding and playing guitars they can find and where do they find them?

At Ed Foley's shop. When you have players like Stefan Grossman visit your shop just to'see' what you have laying around... You must be doing something right!

Here's what the Legendary Stefan Grossman had to say about his Foley. Ed Foley makes unique guitars that combined superb tone, workmanship, wood and playability. My friend Bill Scarpa has two of Ed's guitars. One was a 0 sized twelve fret brazilian rosewood that sound like a cannon but played like butter.

The other was a 000/M sized guitar which had a deep resonance, a jazz styled neck and wonderful projection. I was so impressed by these guitars and others I played at Ed's workshop that I asked him to build me one.

We decided on a fourteen fret 000 sized model but with a slotted head and a slightly deeper body then its Martin counterpart. Ed's internal construction is unique and the complete top of the guitar resonates giving a clear, bell-like sound to each string. In some ways the sound reminds me of a 1930 OM-45 I owned and played for 15 years. The balance of the instrument is ideal for fingerstyle playing. We choose for the body some quarter-sawed Brazilian from Ed's wide selection of woods and a wide grained spruce for the top. The guitar almost plays itself! Stefan Grossman from Ed Foley's website.

That's some of the story of Ed Foley and what Foley Guitars are all about. Here's a description of my Foley up for your consideration.

Quarter Sawn Brazilian Rosewood - sides & back. Herringbone Top & Rosette trim. Ebony Fingerboard & Pyramid Bridge. Bronze Waverly Tuners With Ebony Buttons. Huge bass & volume but nicely balanced across the board. Perfect player for fingerstyle but HEY! Grab a pick and she doesn't wilt.... Trebles and mid-range married to the bass so finely matched. It IS a 00 size guitar so I would say it's specifically designed to enhance and balance the sound and tone of fingerstyle players, but when this guitar is strung with medium strings and flat-picked..... It's volume, ringing highs, booming bass and clear mid-range tones are astounding! It will knock yer socks off right into the creek! It's not a dred... But sometimes I forget that.... And yet it's not a parlor guitar either..... When everyone's asleep and the dog's curled up at my feet and I'm tickling those strings ever so lightly...

In the quiet of the house... I feel like I'm playing a parlor.

Does a guitar EVER sound so sweet as it does in the middle of the nite? You'all know what I'm talkin' about! Play it HOW you want.... I'm a big John Fahey fan and I play alot of Fahey. One of John's'Go-To' guitars was a Martin D-35.

What I liked about this 00 Foley is that I could play Fahey tunes and son-of-a-gun if it didn't SOUND like Fahey's D-35! Or rather, I could MAKE it sound like Fahey's D-35... Yet it could not be any further from a D-35 in it's dimensions and size.

Fahey also played in alot of open tunings which can be sometimes challenging for a Double 00. Open D, Open G, heck... Alot of slack going on there, in Open C... But the Foley handled all those tunings NO PROBLEMO! I played it in Open C ALOT....

Of course it helps to go with the heavier medium strings- not lights! My Story & the History of this Guitar. This is a truly great playing & great sounding guitar.

If I told you how many.... You wouldn't believe me anyway...

But this WAS my "Holy Grail".... This ended years of GAS....

So the story is one of G. Like so many of our stories are! How I Acquired this Guitar.

I know, I know, one might say that'all' Koa is gorgeous but the fact is, not all Koa guitars are equal... Koa can often look bland. This 1920's Martin 0-18K that I had, was stunning. Would I be willing to trade the 1920's Martin for the 00 Foley Brazilian 12-Fret Slothead? My first thought was , NO WAY!

I hadn't even heard of a'Foley'! Never heard of Ed Foley the Luthier!

I emailed him back and told him that a swap was unlikely and that I had never even heard of Foley guitars. I felt I was pretty knowledgeable about guitars. Both vintage Martins and New creations from Martin!

I cringe when I think of the Martins I owned- some truely unique and rare.... And let slip through my hands just in the name of GAS!! But I never heard of'Foley' guitars. Because Ed only crafts 10 guitars a year and who buys them? They hold on to them!

They USE Them to make a living! You just don't see them but every now and then in a blue moon..... He said I could play it, inspect it, evaluate it....

And if I liked it... Turns out both Dennis and I were members of the same guitar forum.... And there is a small coterie of members on the UMGF that share an interest and passion for the Ed Foley guitars. The offer was stunning and unusual in my opinion. How could I refuse such an offer?

I had nothing to lose! But Dennis knew what he was doing...

He knew darn well I would not be able to turn down the Foley's charms once I had it in my arms! I did call Ed Foley. He immediately knew the guitar.

And that was over six years ago! The Foley crossed the big pond and wound up in my hands. Within a week, the Martin 0-18K was headed to the United Kingdom. I've had it ever since. It literally killed years of G.

Parlor, and a mint 1950's Silvertone archtop. But all good things must come to an end.... It Still is my Holy Grail.. I fell 15 yrs ago moving my Mom out of the house after my dad passed and she went for a condo. After a very long day of moving I fell carrying a heavy box and used my left hand to break my fall on concrete.

Shattered all the cartilage in my left hand thumb joint. Pretty much lived with it all these years and I could still play guitar.

At first, the pain was acceptable. Then, as time went on, I had good and bad days. On'good' days I could play... On'bad' days I could not.... The pain & soreness prevented fretting. Eventually the bad days started to outnumber the good days and sometimes days or weeks went by without picking up the guitar. I just turned 66 this fall and the old thumb is getting sore.

I've gone to Orthopedic surgeons. They want to strip a piece of cartilage out of my GOOD hand... Roll it into a ball. And insert it into my thumb joint. We're talking months of recovery and therapy and I may still never be normal in terms of range of movement with my hand.

If I don't play at all the pain is absent or minimal. The "writing is on the wall" as they say. As much as I enjoyed making music I enjoy listening to music just as well. Im still going to keep a guitar around to noodle with, when I can, but its going to be a low end model, cheap and EZ to play and probably with a low profile neck and narrower at the nut.

Im even thinking Electric Guitar may be the ticket! Little fretting pressure, nice skinny low-profile neck.... I always wanted to noodle Hendrix!

If you have been looking for an Awesome Brazilian Rosewood Guitar with a Vintage Martin Sound such as Ed Foley looks for when he builds his instruments then this is the onoe for you! The Guitar of a Lifetime! Parlor guitar it's kind of a mini-arch top and an absolute MINT 1950's sunburst Silvertone archtop includes the ORIGINAL Cardboard box the Silvertone came in.

Here's a June 2011 article I once wrote for Guitar Bench magazine (Terence Tan) on a 1925 Martin 2-17 I once owned one of the many Martins I once owned but no longer own.... I just wanted to say that the bridge pins are NOT the original pins which are described as'Bone' pins on Ed Foley's website and are shown in some of the photos. The pins look like (to me) ebony pins with abalone inlays. They are the dark pins shown in most of the photos.

The bone pins are white. When I received the guitar the bone pins had already been replaced. It didn't matter to me because I didn't realize that the pins weren't original and therefore I didn't care. Just wanted to point this out.

I think most guys play around with pins testing out different pins anyway. I was always satisfied with the pins that were on it when I received it. If it were a vintage guitar, then the originality of the pins would be an issue with me but in this case it was not.

The question was asked: How much does the guitar weigh? I weighed it on a digital scale that measures pounds to the tenth of a pound. The guitar weighed in at exactly 4.0 lbs. I forgot to mention that the sale DOES INCLUDE a HARDSHELL CASE that is made for a OO Size guitar. It Looks like a Geib but I'm not sure. Could be a Geib'knockoff' because it doesn't have that Geib Tag but I know older Geibs didn't have the tags.......

It is a SIX (6) Latch case. He did point out to me that right in the beginning just before I start writing my ad copy..... It most definately is NOT a Martin. I apologize for any confusion. The item "BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD ACOUSTIC GUITAR ED FOLEY MASTERPIECE SELL TO HIGHEST BIDDER" is in sale since Saturday, December 03, 2016.

This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Guitars & Basses\Acoustic Guitars". The seller is "brazilianrosewood" and is located in Franklin, Wisconsin. This item can be shipped to United States.

Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Ed Foley Masterpiece Sell To Highest Bidder

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